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PEAK / PEP / SWING boards:

  The company that made the boards went out of business a few years ago.   I do not sell any others as ALL other boards tested affected the meter accuracy.

Sorry that the items offered are not all current. I am only able to publish my web site about 5 days a month, due to being locked out by anti virus and windows updates. This makes it almost impossible to keep the web site up to date removing sold items and adding new. If what you are asking for is sold and not marked. I will do my best to offer you an equal or upgraded substitute at the same cost. 


Every Item is tested and guaranteed NOT DOA = it will arrive Working

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NICEST     GOOD     CLONES     PEAK reading      DIGITAL     4431 Sampling      PANEL mounted

4410 / 4410A Type Meters and elements      4410 meter / Element ranging explanation chart

BIRD® NON-43 METERS Elements

4421 METERS AND 4024, 4025, 4021,4022, 40xx SENSORS + 4421 METER CASES



ELEMENTS  for the Bird® 43:

H   2-30mhz(CB)   A 25-60MHz(CB)   B 50-125MHz    C 100-250MHz  D 200-500MHz

E 400-1000MHz  GHz 1000MHz+     Other Elements (low power / odd frequencies)   

Bargain Elements



NEW: Lighting sets DROP IN = NO solder




Prices shown do NOT include shipping.  

A few photos of our Hawaiian vacation

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NEW Lighting, power supply and combo light / power supply sets.  NOT KITS = FULLY assembled

               100  - 240  VAC input

The light from these sets looks much better in person then in the photos. LED lighting is very hard to photograph.   They really confuse my Nikon D7000.   I was trying to show the light color and output - so the pictures lack good focus.  You can see the light sets are brighter then my TS-2000 and HL-500 displays.  These sets make the meter face easily viewable under any lighting conditions.

 Photo at my test station no extra lighting (only the normal 3 florescent bulbs, 3 incandescent and my 32 LCD computer monitor)


 Photo at my test station with normal lighting ++++ an extra 100 watt light aimed directly down on the table.


This photo was taken outside in sunlight.   I then lowered the brightness (made the picture darker) of the photo so the meter face was visible not just a bright ball of color.  You can see the house and tree behind the meter.


Since photos were not showing the quality of the light sets I used my son's FLIP to make a short video.  


This is a drop in NO SOLDER  complete unit for a bird 43. It can be installed and removed with no sign it was ever there. 

All parts and wiring easily slip through an element holder spot so no extra holes are needed in the meter cabinet.

The LEDs are pre-mounted to a perfectly sized mounting plate.  The plate is white on the LED side to reflect light back to the meter face and black on the outside to match the meter face.   The LEDs are specially sized to NOT press on the meter glass.

They are powered by a FULLY REGULATED and UL listed 9Volt 1amp power supply. This replaces one battery.

Your choice of 3 colors shown in the photos are in stock (stock is limited)

Until now - Lighting kit prices have stayed the same for years even though parts costs had been increasing slowly.

I just reordered, this time like most items, costs have jumped 30+ percent.

The kit prices have been increased to compensate for the parts cost increases.

This will most likely be my last parts restock since costs have increased greatly and my profit has dropped.


Version #1 (lights and power supply for the lights)

Currently priced at $40 

RED          COOL white (a bluish white like the new HID car head lights)     WARM white (similar to a standard bulb light)

Each light set includes: LEDS pre mounted to the plate and wired to the power supply + meter face foam.

Version #2 (Light + 9 volt output to power peak board + power supply)

Currently priced at $45

The premium power supply allows me to offer the option of a 9 volt output to power the LNA peak boards.  For the LNA PR90 and PR100 a battery clip will be installed, for the PR80 2 spade lugs.  This will NOT power the 43P or other Bird boards requiring 2 batteries. If you use another make board specify your requirements and I will adapt to your needs. The 9 volt power output is also filtered and RF bypassed* inside the meter housing for better rejection* of stray RF.

 The LIGHT ++ power unit is offered in the same 3 color choices:

 RED+power           COOL white+power         WARM white+power         

If you need / want just the UL listed power supply filtered and bypassed* to a 9 volt clip.

Version #3  (Power supply and 9 volt connection only = NO LIGHTS)

Currently priced at $35 

I have been working on this project for over a year.   I have had the 3 sample units shown built and powered on for more then 60 days (as of 9-19-11) with no problems. The center COOL blue has the PR-90 peak board powered and has been used for every bench test I have done during that time,   I have 4 other units in the field for trials for over one year.   The only question asked by my testers was “if you want this back can I buy it?”     These are made to mount 100% drop in for a bird 43 ONLY and ONLY with a real Bird meter movement......any other install WILL require modification.


BYPASS and REJECTION*  The extra filtering and bypass will not fix a poor RF grounding in your station.   If you have a hot mic, lights flicker, your electronics beep or turn on and off, or your TV is adversely affected by you transmitting etc....this has no chance of working.   Once RF is on your coax shield it is everywhere.


I have paid INVENT-IT to submit a patent for the drop in kits.  They legally protect the items they have vested interest in. If the sets are duplicated you will be dealing with their lawyers not me.
















Prices are determined with a formula involving prior selling prices, current stock, and cosmetic condition.  

The letters in my item ID are for my reference to assure you get the correct item.   I often photograph several hundred element at a time. The only way to keep track of the element is with a unique item ID.  An item with AAA is not better or worse then an item with RRR, HHH, or ZZZ.  Nicer items of the same type are priced higher.

All elements are Guaranteed NOT DOA = Click for testing link

Stock changes quickly please verify the element is still in inventory before doing paypal.

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